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DBT Skills & Strategies for Front Line Police & Emergency Staff 9-10 April WALSALL


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DBT Skills & Strategies for Front Line Police & Emergency Staff 9-10 April WALSALL

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Starting on:

Monday 09 April, 2018

Ending on:

Tuesday 10 April, 2018

Course Description

*Mental Health has been described as “the number one issue “ for most frontline Police Officers *

“A Police Force will be asked to look at how it trains Officers dealing with mental health-related calls
after a man was found hanged “

“Police ‘saved’ Welshpool woman in mental health crisis—Police picking up pieces withvulnerable” says PCC

This two day training is to assist Police Officers and Emergency Service Workers in dealing with such situations
DBT is a cognitive behavioural treatment that is widely used in clinical settings chiefly due to its success in effectively
treating patients who experience extremes of emotion.
Across the UK, DBT skills are being taught to patients with personality disorders, substance misuse problems and suicidal teens to help them to regulate their emotions. Police Officers are often called to deal with these patients when they are in an emotionally aroused state, or may have to detain them for periods of time in which their moods can fluctuate.

During this course we will describe some of the DBT skills, why they are taught and how to use them. We will look at ways in which the current practices of the police and emergency services in handling situations overlap with those used by DBT practitioners.

Course Fees           £300 pp excl VAT :  Register by 31 December save £50 pp

Group Rates           Groups  4 – 14         £250 pp excl VAT    10 and over £200 pp excl VAT






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