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DBT Intensive Training™ Part I: 9-13 November 2020 Part II: 14-18 June 2021


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DBT Intensive Training™ Part I: 9-13 November 2020 Part II: 14-18 June 2021

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Starting on:

Monday 09 November, 2020

Ending on:

Friday 18 June, 2021

Course Description

DBT Intensive Training is a course designed for those who may have attended two-day DBT training workshops and/or undertaken self-guided study of the treatment manuals and who are interested in taking their learning of DBT to a high standard in order to better implement the treatment in their usual settings.

As DBT requires an ongoing consultation team, the intensive training is not suitable for individual practitioners.  A DBT team (minimum of 4, maximum of 10) is a group of mental health professionals who meet regularly to assist each other in applying DBT in the practice setting. Teams should discuss their level of commitment prior to completing their application.

Training is conducted in two five-day sessions of instruction divided by six to nine months of home study. In Part I, lectures, tapes, and small group exercises are used to teach DBT theory and strategies in-depth. Between the first and second sessions, participants consolidate and apply what they have learned with the help of treatment practice assignments and a take-home exam.  Between sessions, teams design and begin to implement their own DBT programmes or integrate DBT into an ongoing treatment setting. In Part II, each team presents their work and receives expert consultation on specific cases and on their program, including protocols for specific treatment problems and adaptations of DBT.

The training is intensive; Part I and Part II are both five full days of training. The course is designed to model basic elements of the treatment in an experiential way and to foster team development. As would DBT clients, participants agree to attend the entire training, do their best to learn the material, and participate in a willing, committed manner.


  • The Team must contain at least one person with an advanced degree in Psychology (Forensic, Clinical or Counselling), and ideally one person with advanced psychotherapy training, (either as part of a university degree or equivalent accreditation).
  • All applicants require a core professional qualification in mental health (e.g. nursing, psychiatry, psychology, social work).
  • All team members must read the following texts prior to the training:
  • Linehan, MM (1993a) Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Linehan, MM (2015) Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder 2nd edition


For costings and details on how to apply, please contact the office on 01978 346900 or email info@dbt-training.co.uk

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Supporting Documents

Requirements for Intensive Training 2015 (updated January 2017)