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Benchmarking Website Tool

biDBT has developed a benchmarking website – Benchmarking Website ( – to provide a simple and practical tool that allows DBT teams to:

  • Collect outcome data and benchmark their DBT programme
  • Map their DBT programme and connect with other teams

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking is a basis to programme evaluation and continuous quality improvement. Following Intensive Training, the next logical step is to start benchmarking your team and gather data to support the efficacy of your DBT Programme by recording client outcomes at key time points during treatment (you will be provided EQ-5D, BSL and DERS to assess clients on referral, admission & at discharge).

Listen to Professor Michaela Swales talk about the advantages of benchmarking in this video below:

Your team will be able to monitor changes in staff­ WTE commitment on your programme to compare resource efficiency. Justify your programme to commissioners, and your case for more staff­ resources to management, all with statistical evidence and graphs showing your client’s progress. You can register your team at (all Toolkit User data is held securely in a pseudonymised format in this domain)

This website enables DBT Teams to set up an account where they can benchmark their clients’ progress and monitor changes in staff WTE (Whole Time Equivalent) commitment to their programmes to assess their efficiency. Client outcomes are recorded at crucial time points during the treatment programme (at referral, admission, and discharge) as a basis for evaluation and continuous quality improvement. The only information collected is the clients’ self-report measures and no sensitive or personally identifiable information is collected (i.e., age, location, schooling). All the clients added to the website will have a pseudonym automatically generated by the website, thus guaranteeing total confidentiality of the data. Only the DBT team entering the data will know to whom the data belongs. We are also happy to discuss any concerns with your Information Governance department directly if need be.

Programme evaluation is an integral part of providing DBT, and using this tool will help teams gain the necessary support from management in their organisation by presenting statistical evidence of their DBT programme.

Health Education England (HEE) supports the project as part of their investment in enhancing the quality of evidence-based psychological therapies offered to clients in services.

If your team wants to start benchmarking, follow the next steps.

Getting started:

  • Register your team: Sign Up for Benchmarking
  • Once your team is approved, you can log in with the details you chose;
  • Look at the Quick Start tab and follow the steps;
  • Start recording all referrals made to your programme using EQ-5D, DERS and BSL (available on our Website).


You can also book a demo with someone from our team to guide you through it at