DBT Training UK and Ireland

Why train with us?

We are the only UK & Ireland based organisation that is affiliated with the Behavioral Tech Institute.

The Behavioral Tech Institute (www.linehaninstitute.org) aims to “advance leading-edge behavioural technologies making compassionate and effective treatments available to all persons with complex and severe mental disorders”.

Being affiliated with the Behavioral Tech Institute means that British Isles DBT Training brings to you the latest developments in DBT from Marsha Linehan’s lab and those of other senior international researchers in DBT. Our training materials are sourced from the Behavioral Tech Institute and combine years of experience in training and delivering DBT with the latest international developments in the field.

Every year we join with other international trainers in Seattle under the auspices of the Behavioral Tech Institute to receive the latest updates in treatment, training and research from Marsha Linehan.


Compared to other training providers in the UK our trainers have the highest level of clinical and training expertise in DBT.

All trainers with BIDBT have to have demonstrated sustained adherence to the treatment, assessed by independent raters, and, in addition, completed a rigorous mentorship programme in training (see person specification – do an embedded link).

All of our trainers have expertise in the implementation of DBT in UK & Irish NHS and private healthcare settings. We can analyse and help you solve problems in implementation based on our extensive experience with DBT in healthcare settings similar to yours.

Our trainers are all either currently or have recently been involved in the delivery of major research trials in DBT and hence are apprised of all the latest developments and practice DBT with an advanced level of competence.

Our Senior Trainers are all recognised experts in the field, with track records of publishing and research and yet with the capability to translate DBT into invigorating and clear presentations that will promote your learning.

We offer all levels of training in DBT from introductory level workshops, through Intensive TrainingTM – the gold standard bench mark in training in DBT, to a range of post-intensive workshops to develop your skill and competence in the delivery of the treatment.

We look forward to welcoming you on our training to promote your development as a DBT therapist and team.