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Training Team

The British Isles DBT Training Team (BIDBT) was founded in 1997 by Heidi Heard (PhD).  She, along with Michaela Swales (PhD) a founder member of the team, built the National Training programme in collaboration with BTech LLC (www.behavioraltech.org), the US training company that enjoys a unique association with the treatment developer Marsha Linehan.

Currently, British Isles DBT Training is the only licensed provider in the United Kingdom and Ireland of training in DBT. The Training Team also have a close association with the Behavioral Research & Therapy Clinics (https://depts.washington.edu/brtc/) where Marsha Linehan continues to work on the refinement of DBT.  Since its inception, the training team have seeded over 300 DBT programmes across the UK and Ireland and have trained over 1000 professionals. British Isles DBT Training prides itself on delivering a high standard of training that is both informative and clinically relevant.

To ensure the highest standards all of our carefully selected trainers have received extensive supervision in DBT and have demonstrated adherence and competence in the delivery of the treatment.  In addition, each trainer has been monitored and closely supervised by a Senior DBT Consultant to ensure their competence in training others in the treatment.  All trainers have received advanced training in the assessment of adherence in DBT by senior staff at BRTC.

Guest Trainers

Dr. Jill Rathus

PhD, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Cognitive Behavioral Associates

Dr. Alec Miller

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants


MelanieDr. Melanie Harned

Psychologist and Coordinator (Ph.D., ABPP)

annieAnnie McCall

DBT PE trainer and Consultant


Prof Martin Bohus

Prof Martin Bohus 

Professor of Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy