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The Ray Miles Travel Bursary

Bursary Introduction:

British Isles DBT Training is proud to offer the Ray Miles Travel Bursary to prospective DBT Teams across the International community. The Bursary has been set up in memory of our friend and colleague Professor Ray Miles.  Apart from his many distinctions as a management scientist and technology transfer champion in a 40-year career split equally between industry and academia, Professor Ray Miles was a great communicator with a wonderful sense of humour, an avuncular larger-than-life figure, and a friend. He played a vital role both at the inception of the company in 1997 and at a pivotal moment in the subsequent history of British Isles DBT Training. He served as our senior non-executive director during the years when the company began to transform itself into the force for dissemination of DBT that it is today, forging strategic links with academic partners through the British government’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme before his untimely death in 2006. Both he and his widow Norma were extremely avid globetrotters throughout this period – hence the appropriateness of attaching his name to the award.

The goal of the Bursary is to give an opportunity to teams of dedicated clinicians to gain access to training in DBT in order to set up a comprehensive programme within their service in countries that currently have limited or no provision of DBT.

British Isles DBT Training would like to assist in funding the travel of a team of clinicians to attend the National Intensive Training, delivered either in the UK by BIDBT or in the US to attend an Intensive Training sponsored by Behavioral Tech Institute. The Intensive Training will equip the team with the necessary skills to offer a comprehensive DBT programme for their service.


  • Teams must be based outside of the UK and the US
  • Teams must be between 4-8 individuals including at least one Psychologist or clinician with an extensive background in behavioural psychology
  • All applicants require a core professional qualification in mental health (e.g. nursing, psychiatry, psychology, social work)
  • The team must be geographically located close enough to each other to attend a weekly team consult meeting
  • All team members must read the following texts prior to the training:
    • Linehan, MM (1993a) Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder
    • Linehan, MM (2014) Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Click here to find out more about the requirements for setting up a DBT team

Bursary Application Process:

The team(s) will be applying to attend either the Spring or Autumn DBT Intensive Programmes which are delivered each year in April and November.  To apply the applicants will be expected to complete the attached application form (Click Here to download) and return it to where all applications will be reviewed.  It will be The Ray Miles Travel Bursary committee who make the final decision and the successful applicant will be informed as soon as possible after receipt of their accepted application form.


Teams will be expected to initially pay for travel and will then be reimbursed by the committee on receipt of documentary evidence of costs.  The bursary will only contribute to travel arrangements and awarded teams would be expected to pay for the training itself.

Cost of DBT Intensive Training:

Please email for further details on the size of team you wish to send and course fees.