Feedback From Our Customers

I found the whole process of getting onto the training and accessing the materials really easy. The enthusiasm and knowledge demonstrated by the trainers throughout the program was fantastic, and the relationship they had with each other was a reflection of the material at times. The space to learn was made to feel very safe and it was easy to engage in the training and at times participate.

Time was given to us so that we could ask specific questions related to our individual needs and we were encouraged to share experiences and relate the material to our work, which improve our engagement and brought the material alive. I feel that as a response to the attention to detail an effort put into the delivery of these sessions it as much easier to deliver DBT within our day to day  practice.

Highly recommend this training to any organisation seeking to improve the impact of the therapuetic support they offer their clients.

Stephen McGoldrick
Psychological Wellbeing Telecoach – First Response Service 111 opt 2
Cambridge Peterborough Foundation Trust
- Attended the National DBT Skills & Strategies for Front Line Staff™ taught by Dr Christine Dunkley on 16-17 January 2023

At the conclusion to the training delivered to my colleagues in South Devon I invited them to give some feedback about whether it was useful and if they would recommend it to their colleagues. I’ve received an entirely and unambiguously positive response from those who attended. Their feedback has been that the content was interesting, compelling and that they would be able to utilise it in their clinical practice. It’s rare for me to have such a universally enthusiastic response to training.

Robin Scoville
Locality Practice Lead
Devon Partnership NHS Trust
- Attended the DBT Skills & Strategies for Front Line Staff™ taught by Dr Christine Dunkley on 5 & 12 October 2022

I found the training very helpful in my understanding of delivering DBT and the skills within this. There was a lot covered in the 5 days but the trainers were very conscious of keeping us active and having regular breaks to aid our conversation.

I found the training interactive which was also very beneficial as it was not death by power point. The videos and role plays were helpful as well.

I feel much more confident now in my role as a DBT therapist.

Vanessa Dodds
CBT and EMDR therapist
- Attended the DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy Foundational Training™ taught by Amy Gaglia Essletzbichler and Jim Lyng on November 21 to 25 2022

Janet brings so much experience to the training that is brilliant to learn from. This leads to much of the training being very applied and supported by rich examples. Since the training, I have gone on to utilise the training with confidence in 1:1 sessions with service users in a way which has been really well received!

Ryan Brett
Assistant Psychologist
Lancashire and South Cumbria Foundation Trust
- Attended the Enhanced DBT Skills Training taught by Janet Feigenbaum on October 10 to October 12 2022

The training was very thorough. The instructors made the material understandable, engaging and fun by using examples and demonstrations. I really feel more confident using the DBT skills after taking the course. I will definitely do more courses with British Isles in the future.

Cordelia Okoye
Psychiatry Doctor
Essex Partnership University Trust
- Attended the DBT Skills Training: Extended taught by Janet Feigenbaum & Christine Dunkley on August 1 to August 5th 2022

I found this training event informative, enriching and very inspiring!

Martin is a mine of information and knowledge and an excellent presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

The training involved a range of teaching/learning methods and there was plenty of opportunity to put learning into practise with role play and small group work. The training videos were particularly helpful.

This therapeutic model is very accessible for those with or without prior DBT experience. It has already begun to inform and enrich my practise.

Thanks Martin and British Isles DBT Training!

Rachel McLaren
Psychological Therapist
Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
- Attended the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Complex PTSD taught by Martin Bohus on 4th – 7th July 2022

The training event was extremely informative and the skills I learnt over the 5 days has enhanced my daily practice by reaffirming that transparency, honesty and respect with young people and their families/carers is well received especially when you have to be more direct with them in understanding and supporting during very difficult times to empower change.

Both trainers enthusiasm and passion for DBT came through brilliantly, the way they made it feel more real by sharing stories of people they have supported over many years gave us a context on each day of the training on different skills which really embedded the ability to learn new skills even for me who has 30 years of experiences (just proves you’re never too old to learn new things haha)

Thank you all 😊

Pushpa Shaw
CAMHS Mental Health Practitioner and Systemic Family Practitioner
Pennine care NHS Trust
- Attended the DBT 5-Day Skills Training: Extended taught by Christine Dunkley and Amy Gaglia Essletzbichler on 7th-10th March 2022

The training, as ever, was really engaging and grounded in practical opportunities to learn. Amy and Christine worked well together and bring different but complimentary approaches to providing DBT Skills Training. Both Amy and Christine are incredibly patient as there is so much to get to grips within learning about and applying DBT skills in skills training. I feel much more confident and competent in providing DBT Skill Training for clients and I refer to the training frequently. The trainers have such a great wealth of experience in diverse settings which makes the training more credible since so many clients struggle with buying into it as approach and this impacts the buy in of practitioners as well. So having this experience between them enables a broad range of practitioners to train and trust that DBT is applicable to a wide range of clients in various settings and circumstances. Amy and Christine were very open, authentic, and very willing to answer questions and take the time to explain concepts and applications that can at times be harder to apply. Thank you once again for amazing training!

Mandy Nicholson
Counsellor and Director of Locus Counselling
I am self-employed in my own LGBT+ Affirmative Counselling, CBT and DBT Skills Training Service
- Attended the DBT Skills Training: Enhanced taught by Amy and Christine Dunkley on 7th to 9th Feb 2022

Excellent training – would recommend to anyone working in a DBT team. I’ve applied a lot of the skills in my DBT group and the training answered lots of my questions about how to handle different situations. For example, what to do when clients haven’t done the home practice.

Amy and Christine made the training interesting, enjoyable and very relevant. They brought personality into the teaching and I think this is super important. Plenty of chance to ask questions and interact with others in the training too.

Sian Carr
Assistant Psychologist
Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
- Attended the DBT Skills Training Enhanced taught by Christine Dunkley & Amy Gaglia Essletzbichler on 7-9 February 2022

The training was very in depth and gave me a good insight into the best practices for treatment of CPTSD using the new DBT for PTSD protocol. The instructor was very knowledgeable and I came away feeling confident in my understanding and ability to apply the skills in practice. I will definitely be doing more courses with British Isles in the future.

Cordelia Okoye
Psychiatry doctor
Essex Partnership University Trust
- Attended the DBT for Complex PTSD taught by Martin Bohus on July 4th through 7th 2022

In Part Two of the intensive  training course there was a lot more information given which was great as there were a lot of examples on how to present assignments and lots of handouts and valuable information shared with everyone. It is so helpful to have examples of how to present course work as it is quite different working from home  and not being in the university and working in a face to face  class room with fellow students and Tutors.

Tracy Broomfield
Community Mental Health Nurse
Bournemouth Dorset
- Attended the DBT Intensive Training Part II taught by Amy Gaglia and Carolyn Hinds on 16-20th May 22

I have gained a lot from drawing sketches (rating and downrating), validation, accurate reflecting and control of presence; the chain analysis and finding self-strategies and solution helping patients at that crisis point.

I would highly recommend this training to those at the frontline workers like my colleagues working in crisis team/Home treatment team.

Beebee Sahera Sohomow
Crisis Practitioner
- Attended the DBT Skills and Strategies For Front Line Staff taught by Christine Dunkley on 18 & 19 May 2022

I really enjoyed the training and felt that it was fun and engaging, and above all greatly increased my skills and knowledge. I am really looking forward to putting my new knowledge into use helping my patients. I would recommend this training course to all those who work with patients who can experience difficult emotions and high levels of distress.

Daniel McBride
Community Charge Nurse
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
- Attended the DBT® Skills Essentials Workshop™ taught by Carolyn Hinds & Maggie Stanton on 25 & 26 February 2021

Despite working full-time as a DBT therapist in a dedicated Personality Disorder Service, it is still possible to become weary, particularly in the current COVID climate and remote working.

This training was the equivalent to being ‘plugged into a life source’ and was completely re-energising. Janet and Christine provide a genuine and thoughtful example of what it is to be a DBT therapist and provide something very clear and real to aspire to.
As a DBT therapist eager to increase my adherence, and hopefully become successfully accredited, this training was of significant help in my journey.

The organisation, and administrative support from biDBT was also second to none.
Immense gratitude to you all.

Sue McLure
Senior Practitioner
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
- Attended the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Upgrade Training with Janet Feigenbaum & Christine Dunkley on 22-26 February 2021

I have come away from the training feeling more equipped to complete adherent and meaningful chain and solution analysis and target hierarchies. I will now be using the target hierarchy as a tool to direct my sessions, feeling more able to link the purpose of completing a target hierarchy to my individual sessions with clients. A really valuable component of this course is the sharing of behavioural chains and targets, where we learnt how to analyse chains and solutions and think about which behaviour to target in a chain and why. The course structure and facilitation modelled and shaped us to use consultation more effectively, which I found helpful. My other big takeaway from the course was around validation and the power of being radically genuine and validating the persons truth, being less therapy and more real. I have always considered myself as someone who was very validating but this course helpfully challenged my perception of myself as validating and made me really think about what this meant. I have been a DBT therapist for a number of years and still feel like I took away lots from this training which I believe will help me to be a better therapist.

Nuala Ryan
Senior Practitioner/Occupational Therapist
Northants Personality Disorder Hub
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
- Attended the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Upgrade Training with Janet Feigenbaum & Christine Dunkley on 22-26 February 2021

This training was profound and helped me to 1) refine and develop my own DBT skills, 2) to think more clearly and precisely about how we need to deliver DBT in our service, and 3) how to effectively apply this life-saving, evidence based therapy.

Janet and Christine are absolute masters of DBT in terms of being able to zoom out and provide the big picture as well as being able to zoom in on the details of DBT delivery.

Dr Amory Y Clarke
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Psychology Lead for Acute, Crisis & Complex Care
South London & Maudsley NHS, Croydon Directorate
- Attended the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Upgrade Training with Janet Feigenbaum & Christine Dunkley on 22-26 February 2021

I have been able to use my new skills effectively in practice, which is great! The training has come in very useful as I support many individuals with a Personality Disorder diagnosis, many of whom would benefit hugely from learning and using DBT skills. I also personally feel as though I have a greater understanding of this client base as a result (Although still more to be learnt I’m sure!!)

I do believe that essential DBT training like this, will improve the quality of care that our service provides and also potentially decrease judgement where it happens and increase levels of compassion and understanding. I know there were a few colleagues who wanted to attend but couldn’t due to the course reaching capacity! However, I was sure to pass on how much I personally enjoyed it to the rest of the team! Thanks again.

Kimberley Blay
Health Care Support Worker
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
- Attended the Skills Training: The Essentials™ in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy online led by Janet Feigenbaum Between the 7th and 8th December 2020

I have recently participated in a DBT skills training with Christine Dunkley and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this was possibly one of the best (if not the best) training courses I have been on in my 20 years practising as a nurse.

My initial anxieties about the content and what DBT entailed reduced almost instantly during the 2 days, whilst learning about the skills I can take into clinical practice. I feel more equipped to start talking about change, to identify emotions and begin exploring regulation with the women I work with in the perinatal period.

This training is accessible and practical, even for someone who has never used DBT before. Christine makes it relevant and fun. I am already using the tips/phases she taught us and the manual is packed with useful information. Christine’s passion for the subject area shines through; a fantastic trainer who clearly has a wide knowledge base of DBT in clinical practice.

PS. I am trying out DBT skills with my adolescent children to help regulate their emotions – we all need a dose of DBT in our lives!!

Zoe Wakefield
Specialist Perinatal Nurse
Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust
- Attended an Online DBT Skills Essentials Workshop™ led by Dr Christine Dunkley on the 26th & 27th October 2020

Jessica, I just wanted to let you know that you have been very efficient in facilitating the training application process for me at such short notice. You have been very lovely and it is so comforting to know that there are people like you who go beyond their duties to help
others. It has been the best training in these circumstances.

Raj Robertson
Psychological Therapist
Tees Esk Wear Valley NHS Trust
- Attended the DBT Foundational Training™ online led by Janet Feigenbaum and Jim Lyng between the 21st and 25th October, 2020

I really enjoyed the two days and learned a huge amount. Christine was a brilliant presenter and educator and her passion for the subject was infectious. The longer breaks worked really well and helped keep me alert throughout the whole day. Hannah made sure that it all flowed smoothly from a technical point of view.

Dan Watson
Care Coordinator
Worcestershire NHS Health and Care
- Attended the Regulating Emotions the DBT Way online led by Christine Dunkley between the 12th and 13th October, 2020

The British Isles DBT staff have all been extremely friendly and approachable. We moved the timing of the DBT skills training on more than one occasion due to the Covid situation, originally hoping that we could postpone it face to face, and then switching to a new date online. The organisation was very flexible about offering us alternative dates and moving the training online. The event itself proceeded very
smoothly, with a dedicated staff member to organise the technical aspects of the virtual platform. The event accommodated over 100 people online, including exercises in break-out rooms and all of this worked very well. The facilitators managed to adapt their training to the online platform for a large number of people whilst maintaining interest and engagement over two days, through using a variety of presentation techniques and exercises, as well as incorporating decent length breaks.

Sarah Tarzi
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
- Organiser for the DBT Skills Essentials Workshop online led by Janet Feigenbaum and Carolyn Hinds between the 14th and 15th September 2020

Having attended in total 10-days of training over the past year, I have been fuelled with empowerment in working with client with a diagnosis of EUPD. The training itself was delivered to an extremely high standard, and the tutors were willing to answer any question relating to difficult examples that we had within our workplace in delivering DBT. The courses have been very intense, and yet comprehensive. There were lots of personal examples from the tutors’ previous clients and active participation to help enhance the learning experience in allowing it to be generalised for our own clients. I plan to continue my personal development with future courses by British Isles.

Tom Brown
Child, Family and Young Person Service
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
- Attended the DBT Upgrade Training in Chester led by Christine Dunkley and Amy Gaglia between the 24th and 28th of February, 2020.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and Amy for the DBT course we attended. I have to say I couldn’t help but hang on every word Amy said. It is not only how Amy presents training, but just the way in which she puts everything across. Amy is not only extremely knowledgeable but appears to pick up on everyone as an individual when answering questions. It was noticeable that she took the time to do that. Her presence in the room from the first day felt calming yet motivating. Leaving the training I felt reassured in the way I work with patients which I felt I used a lot of the ‘DBT’ way and didn’t realise. I felt I had picked up on a lot about myself, and I intend to use DBT on myself in the belief that it’s real and works. It takes a special kind of person to grab an entire room full of people’s attention and keep it. I really enjoyed the course and I intend on looking out for any further training or updates in the future for something that really makes a difference to people’s lives. I hope we are lucky enough to have Amy training again.

Amy Jordan
Health Care Assistant & PMVA Instructor
Priory Hospital Woking, The Priory Group
- Attended a DBT Skills Essentials Workshop™ led by Amy Gaglia on the 16th & 17th of January, 2020 in Cheadle.

I would like to feedback on the really informative DBT Training programme run by British Isles DBT Training. The trainer was excellent, knowledgeable, engaging and she explained the material brilliantly. I left motivated to use the learning in both group and individual work. It really made me think about possible scenarios in which I can apply the skills I have learnt and I am confident that it will enhance my clinical practice.

Dr Sarah Taha
Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist H&F Perinatal Mental Health Team
Clinical Lead WLMHT Perinatal Mental Health Services
Chair of the Pan London Perinatal Mental Health Network
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
- Attended a DBT Skills Essentials Workshop™ led by Stephanie Hastings on the 9th and 10th of January, 2020 in West London.