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Postgraduate DIPLOMA in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: BANGOR UNIVERSITY

The PG Dip in DBT aims to provide students with advanced conceptual understanding of and skills in the practical application of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, including two of its main theoretical constituents, applied behavioural analysis and mindfulness. The programme consists of 5 modules. The first year is spent studying 2 x 30 credit modules (Total 60 Credits) The first focuses on acquiring knowledge and understanding of the main theoretical models underlying the treatment and beginning the study of the application of these theories in clinical practice.  The first module is delivered in Part I (Residential) of the Intensive Training or in the Foundation training.  The second has a stronger clinical emphasis on the application of theoretical knowledge to the implementation of clinical programmes and the delivery of therapy in individual and group formats.  The teaching component of this module is in Part II of the Intensive or in the DBT Upgrade training, both residential training’s.

The other three modules can be studied over the next three years in any order.  One module focuses on enhancing knowledge and practice of Mindfulness and is also taught via a 5-day residential module accompanied by clinical practice learning.  Students then have a choice of one of two modules focusing on developing skills in the knowledge and application of behavioural theory.  The final module comprises the DBT Problem-Solving training and the DBT Team Leaders workshop and provides training in more advanced clinical skills in DBT. For this module, students must access and pay for 20 hours of clinical supervision.

Students are assessed by written assignments, some theoretical and some clinical, with an emphasis on reflection and learning from experience.  As part of the programme, students will submit a DVD of their clinical work for assessment of adherence in the treatment.  The PG Dip has been specifically designed with accreditation with the Society for DBT in mind.  Students successfully completing the programme will have completed all of the components necessary to apply for accreditation.  Once the Programme begins, we will apply to the Society for formal recognition of our course.

In addition to advanced specialist skills in the subject matter, students of this programme will acquire graduate-level skills in critical and evaluative thinking, academic writing and IT.

For those who have achieved the PG Certificate the 2 x 30 credit modules? You can use these credits towards the PG Diploma.

The PG Diploma registration details will be launched soon – watch this space for further information