Requirements for DBT Foundational TrainingTM

Each applicant:

  1. Must be employed by a healthcare organisation that expects them to be seeing clients
  2.  Must be registered to practice with a regulatory professional body e.g. Health Professions Council, General Medical Council, Nursing & Midwifery Council, Professional Standards Authority.
  3.  Must commit at least 15 hours per week to learning and delivering DBT.
  4.  Must be part of a DBT team that is delivering a comprehensive programme with a team leader with sufficient training & experience to be able to sign off the homework assignments i.e. has received Intensive TrainingTM
  5.  If sending a group, the group size is dependent on the number of Intensively Trained members in the existing team. (Maximum 4 attendees)


For teams that have lost substantial numbers of Intensively Trained staff we recommend the following:

  • Sending Foundation team members as a team to a Part II (availability permitting)
  • Sending a second team on Intensive TrainingTM
  • Sending Foundation team members to Post-Intensive Training e.g. Problem-solving workshops