Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Intensive Training™

Course Name:

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Intensive Training™

Course Date:

Part I: 22-26 April 2024
Part II: 20-24 January 2025

Course Location:

Live Training Via Zoom

Course Length:

10 days

Course Description

DBT Intensive Training is a comprehensive team-based programme of study designed to provide teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide DBT. It focuses on both the establishment of comprehensive DBT programmes and the clinical skills necessary to provide the treatment to persons with complex mental health problems. Intensive training in DBT includes 4 hours of content specific to risk assessment, management, and treatment of suicidal behaviours.

The programme is divided into two parts that are designed to guide teams to accomplish four phases of DBT programme implementation; Part I: “Preparation & Knowledge Acquisition” and Part II: “Implementation, Practice Improvement & Sustainability”.

In Part I, lectures, demonstrations of treatment, and small group exercises are used to teach DBT theory and strategies in-depth. Upon conclusion of Part I, participants consolidate and apply what they have learned with the help of practice assignments that are intended to guide the implementation process.

In the interim, teams design and begin to implement their own DBT programmes.

In Part II, each team presents their work and receives expert consultation on specific cases and on their programme, including protocols for specific treatment problems and adaptations of DBT.

As a result of this training participants will be able to provide DBT.


The Team must contain at least one person with an advanced degree in Psychology (Forensic, Clinical or Counselling), and ideally one person with advanced psychotherapy training, (either as part of a university degree or equivalent accreditation).

All applicants require a core professional qualification in mental health (e.g. nursing, psychiatry, psychology, social work).


Dr Christine Dunkley

Consultant Trainer

Becky Wallace

Becky Wallace



Supporting Materials


Training Course Reading Bundle


Includes: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder & DBT Skills Training Manual


Course Costs

Course Cost:

Please consult biDBT for more information.

Seasonal Offer:

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Seasonal Offer Expiry:

22 December 2023

Group Rate:

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Commissioned Courses Available:

Yes - For Groups 24+

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Intensive Training™
DBT Training, Croesnewydd Hall,Wrexham Technology Park,Wrexham-LL13 7YP
Starting on
November 7, 2022
Ending on
November 11, 2022
Intensive training consists of two, five-day online training seminars separated by an interval of approximately six to eight months. During the interval, teams undertake the development of DBT programmes, the clinical application of DBT and other specified homework.Training is conducted with teams (between 4 & 8 practitioners), as DBT recognises that therapists need a support system to sustain work with this client group. A team is defined as a group of clinicians who regularly meet and work together. Teams should be formed and meeting regularly before commencing training.Team members must commit to attending both parts of the intensive training and be in a position to undertake development work in the period between the training blocks. This requires each member of the team to commit a minimum of one to one-and-a-half days per week each to the joint development of skills and experience. Management support of this should be arranged before commencing training. It is not possible to accept individual applications for training, nor is it possible for teams to attend for a reduced period of time.During Part One of the Intensive, teams will learn more about the practice of DBT, both individual therapy, skills group training, telephone consultations, and case management strategies via didactic presentations, role plays and other clinical exercises, together with viewing and discussing videotaped clinical material. Teams have the opportunity to think about the implementation of DBT within their own settings and to receive guidance on how to adapt DBT to unique aspects of their own services.Part Two of the Intensive requires teams to present their work, developed during the intervening months, for discussion with the trainers and other teams. Teams are required to present a protocol for delivering DBT within their own clinical setting and present a clinical case they have treated throughout the training. There is the opportunity for further therapy skills development and the aim is to consolidate the teams’ work and enable it to proceed confidently.DBT is an integrative therapy based on behavioural and cognitive principles. Clinicians from a range of professional and therapeutic backgrounds have trained and are training in DBT, including former psychodynamic therapists. However, it is essential for potential DBT therapists to have and/or be open to learning and applying basic behavioural principles. Each team should have at least one member with a background in psychology and one with a background in CBT.