Promoting Adherence In Your DBT Consultation Team

Course Name:

Promoting Adherence In Your DBT Consultation Team

Course Date:

10-11 February 2025

Course Location:

Live Training Via Zoom

Course Length:

2 Days

Course Description

The DBT consultation team is the nucleus of a comprehensive DBT programme. DBT consultation team meetings provide the vital function of providing therapy to the therapists. Join us for this newly developed 2-day advanced training designed for DBT practitioners looking to enhance their skills in running effective DBT consultation team meetings. Through interactive group discussions, case studies and roleplay, this workshop will explore key areas such as managing consultation team interfering behaviour, skills for increasing attention to therapist emotion, and problem-solving of team barriers.

Learning Objectives:

• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique role of the DBT Team Leader and their impact on team dynamics and therapist development.
• Develop strategies for managing consultation team interfering behaviours and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.
• Explore the relationship between consultation and supervision.
• Enhance your ability to identify and address therapist emotions within the consultation team setting.
• Explore effective problem-solving techniques to overcome barriers within the team
• Learn how to optimise the consultation team meetings for increased therapist growth and adherence to the DBT model
• Discover best practices for integrating consultation and supervision to ensure the highest quality of care for clients.
This training is developed and delivered by Consultant trainer Amy Gaglia Essletzbichler.


Attendees will be or plan to be part of a DBT Consult (whole team training is encouraged)


Amy Gaglia Essletzbichler

Dr Amy Gaglia Essletzbichler

Consultant Trainer


Course Costs

Course Cost:

£600 + VAT per person

Early Bird:

£525 + VAT Per Person

Early Bird Expiry:

10 November 2024

Group Rate:

£500 + VAT Per Person for Groups of 4 or more

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