Our Online Skills Training Was A Roaring Success

Due to what is currently going on in the world we have had to change the way we deliver our courses to make sure that you can still carry on learning whilst in isolation.

We held our first online skills training course last week (2-3 April 2020) via Zoom with Professor Michaela Swales and Dr Christine Dunkley

The online video call allowed delegates to observe and be part of role plays and break out to practice the skills with other delegates just as they would do with an in person training. 

Due to the feedback that we have been given and how smoothly the transition was holding our courses online, we can now deliver all formats like this.

Here’s what our delegates had to say:

I am missing the face to face interaction with people, but I am absolutely loving the virtual learning environment. I love that the break out rooms really did break out. I also liked that it wasn’t with the same people each time and that we got to work with different people each time.

It was great. It went quite smoothly after I got the right link. I could hear everything well, It was nice to see people and the smaller break away groups worked well. Overall I just thought it was brilliant and so different to how I imagined it would be.

I thought it was much more immediate and engaging than I was anticipating. In other words I liked it a lot. I liked being put into different groups ad hoc and doing things right away. And I liked not having had to travel for 5 hours by car and spend two nights away in a hotel.

Despite the change in mode of delivery (i.e. Online rather than in-person), I feel the organisers and presenters did an excellent job of facilitating the rapidly changing international current demands, and appreciate all of the extra effort that went into running this training. Thank you all so very much!

I really enjoyed this training. I was so worried about the technical aspect of using zoom and I worried that it might not work well. I am so impressed that the training still felt very intimate and connected even though it was through a computer. I was very glad that I decided to complete this training online and i would definitely do training online again in this format because I feel like it really worked. If people knew how well it worked, i think they wouldn’t hesitate to join as it cuts down on travel time and it means practitioners all over the country can access training so freely and it can fit around other work very easily. I can’t recommend it enough.